Webinar – Surviving Through Challenging Times (in English)

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Termín - 28.apríl 2020
16:00 - 17:30

Join us for a lively, interactive workshop for business people on Tuesday, April 28 at 16:00  – 17:30 hrs. Amsterdam time. A panel of five, very experienced entrepreneurs will be available to answer your questions., which you can send in prior to the webinar.

The panel consists of:
Brandon Sieben, Iowa City, USA. President of Compass Global. Former president of AllSteel Furniture.

Mark Lloydbottom. Bristol, England. Chartered accountant and consultant for accountancy practises.

Kurt Bühlmann. Lausanne, Switzerland. Entrepreneur in real estate and investor.

Peter Halustok. Kosice, Slovakia. Entrepreneur in Real Estate.

Dr. Zsolt Szalai, Budapest, Hungary. Former banker, business consultant and professor.

The panellists will give a short example of how they experienced a crisis and what the most important lesson was, which they learned.

Peter Briscoe will be your host and facilitate the discussion.


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